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Gas Analysis Solutions

Gas Analysis refers to a variety of instruments and techniques that provide essential data to many types of industry. We offer a wide range of gas analysis monitoring systems that are used to detect and monitor levels of various gases including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other gases.

What We Do

We are a leading supplier of Total Gas Analysis Solutions applied in a wide range of industrial and laboratory-based environments and we supply many instruments for our customers who are requiring a Quality Control or identification of their gas stream. Through our global network, we will provide you with the best analytical solutions and will also guarantee that our solutions will work with excellent results and performance.

Working closely with all customers, we ensure they obtain the analytical solution that meets their needs and a system that is easy to use and understand. All our people are extremely experienced, creative problem solvers and factory trained to the highest standards, offering you a complete after sales support service and collaborate with you to find solutions.

The wide range of analyzers available can be customized to measure unique gas streams and we place an emphasis on the continuous development of our analytical solutions. Our worldwide reach with strategic partners ensures that you have peace of mind and after sales care that is important to your operations.

We also supply additional equipment to provide turnkey Gas Analysis Solutions. The Carrier Gas Purifier, Leak Detectors, Handheld Analyzers, and Gas Regulators are some of the additional components that complete IENSOL’s wide range of analytical solutions.

What Is Our Solution?

IENSOL has experienced in supplying of gas analysis instruments to a wide variety of customers, with a wide range of applications. All our Gas Analysis solutions are tried and tested, and we will work closely with you to achieve and meet your exacting needs. If you need to provide a high standard of analysis within your Quality Control system whether it is for the Industrial, Specialty, Electronics, Corrosive, Inert markets to the Petrochemical Industry to Refinery to a wide range of other Industries, then we will have a solution to your requirement. Our experienced team of technical engineers will design and build a solution which is specific to your exact application, and we will guarantee that it will work. We will source and supply third party analyzers to complete the Total Gas Analysis Solution if required also.

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