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  • Iensol multidisciplinary team of engineering experts can successfully carry out projects of any size and complexity. Our team offers the most up-to-date, scientific product solutions. We only source products from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our exacting standards of quality control.

Oil Analysis Solutions

We have focused exclusively on assisting large industrial facilities to identify their potential failures in their early stages and to monitor the quality of their lubricants by implementing a predictive equipment maintenance program which is based on the oil condition monitoring through oil analysis.

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Fuel Analysis Solutions

In order to properly address your problems and achieve the most cost-effective solutions, the condition of your fuel must be assessed. We provide high-quality fuel testing equipment and components which comply with a wide range of international standards to assess condition and integrity of your fuel.

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Gas Analysis Solutions

Gas Analysis refers to a variety of instruments and techniques that provide essential data to many types of industry. We offer a wide range of gas analysis monitoring systems that are used to detect and monitor levels of various gases including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases.

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Water Analysis Solutions

One of the greatest challenges in water analysis is the monitoring of multiple metals in a large number of samples with varying concentrations. We offer many options for water quality analysis instruments which can be used in a wide variety of markets, satisfying experimental requirements on many levels.

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Material Testing Solutions

An analysis of the material is necessary to characterize and evaluate the quality and performance of materials. We provide you with the latest technological analytical testing instruments which will best meet your requirements to aid in maintaining and improving the quality of your materials.

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Chemicals & Reagents

Today, chemistry is seen as the heart of modern industry that is why it is important to provide fast, qualified and nonstop supply for industrial production. For this purpose, we have become one of the leading brands in the industry supplying a wide range of chemicals and reagents to meet our customers' needs.

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A high level Quality Control in compliance with National and In International regulations and standards

Our R&D, production, quality control and quality assurance team’s work mutually with sheer determination to provide a diverse range of products for Oil & Gas Industries, Power Generations, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Aerospace & Defense, Aviation & Transportation, Marine & Fleets, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Construction, and QC & Research Institutions.

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We are a well-established ISO certified engineering company supplying the highest quality products and services in compliance with all of the international standards and certifications.

We provide technical product service to our customers that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also deliver on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every day counts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a leading engineering solutions company, dedicated to serving various industries to provide with high-technology and industrial product solutions by maintaining the high-quality professional service.

With a high focus on technical excellence, drive to deliver high-quality and cost-effective engineering services and a strong partnership with our partners, we provide high-quality scientific and industrial equipment as well as chemicals and reagents used in various industries.

With a team of skilled, experienced professionals, we take care of our customers’ projects from start to finish, allowing them more time to focus on their business. We ensure strong customer service and customer satisfaction with the latest and the most suitable products, delivered on time.

We provide high quality product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.


Our clients are global leaders in Manufacturing, Transport, R&D, QC, Construction & Engineering, Energy, and Government. We provide high-quality product solutions for them by listening, engaging and understanding their needs.


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